2017 Royal Wedding Tour
June 29 - July 12, 2017

The Background:

In 1475, Princess Jadwiga (Hedwig) of Poland's powerful Jagiellonian Dynasty was betrothed to the young Duke George

the Rich of Bavaria.  This union was a political and strategic effort to form an alliance between the Holy Roman Empire and

the vast Kingdom of Poland, which became a bastion against the Ottoman Empire's expansion into Europe.  Although the marriage

was an arranged affair, Medieval chroniclers indicate that it resulted in a true "love match" between the beautiful Polish Princess

and the handsome young German Duke.

The Royal Wedding was one of the most notable events of Medieval times, drawing dignitaries from around Europe.  The town

of Landshut has meticulously retained records of this event and most details have been preserved, including participant lists,

menus, and many documents. Proud of their Royal Couple, the townspeople of Landshut have celebrated the anniversary

of this "Royal Wedding" continually for many generations.

To commemorate this memorable event, every four years, the townspeople of Landshut produce a grand historic

re-enactment in which over 4,000 costumed participants present numerous Royal Wedding events, including a meticulously

produced Grand Procession celebrating the arrival of the Polish Princess and her entourage through the streets of picturesque Landshut. This grand event - the largest Medieval re-enactment event in the world - only occurs every four years. The next
"Royal Wedding" is scheduled for the summer of 2017.


Our Tour:

Dave Motak and Jack Samuels have been producing high quality tours and travel experiences since 2003 bascially for a small core group of friends and fellow travelers.  In 2013 a group of us decided to attend this Royal Event.  This year, several of our past tour participants have noted that they would like to attend this event again, and we have developed a tour that is a modification of our past itinerary which includes several special events and visits to notable historic sites.

In addition to attending the Royal Wedding Procession in Landshut, this year's Royal Wedding tour will include additional sightseeing in Bavaria, where we stay at a charming traditional Bavarian hotel in Erding, visit the historic sites of nearby Munich, the impressive Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle, before continuing to ‡esky Krumov, the picturesque Medieval town situated in the Czech Republic.  Then on to beautiful Prague, where we will tour the historic landmarks and enjoy a Czech folk evening.  We then travel to Silesia a historically rich region which has been influenced by Czech, German and Polish cultures.  We will visit Boleslawiec, home of the world-famous Polish Pottery where we will tour one of the leading pottery facotries.  Reservations have been made for us at a luxury spa in the Sudeten Mountains before continuing to historic Wroclaw, one of the most dynamic Polish cities. Known as Breslau before World War II, Wroclaw was almost totally destroyed and has been meticulously restored.  Before leaving Silesia, we will tour the stunningly beautiful Church of Peace in Church in Świdnica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was built in 1648 to commemorate the end of the Thirty Years War.  Afterwards we will also visit KsiąŻ Castle, which is reputed to be the hiding place of the Nazi "Gold Train" that has been a popular subject in the media during the last few years.

En route to Krakow, Poland's ancient capital, we will stop at Moszna Castle, one of the most spectacular buildings of its kind in Poland.

Built by the artistocratic Tiele-Winckler family, Moszna features an impressive blend of Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance architecture. While in Krakow, you will enjoy walking the historic streets as the trumpeter plays the hourly fanfare from the high tower of St. Mary's Basilica. We can shop for folk crafts in the Medieval Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), enjoy a tour of this Krakow's wonderful Old Town, and marvel at the incredible high altar of St. Mary's.  You may also wish to take an optional tour of the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mines, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and simply an amazing experience.


Of course, this is just a sampling of our tour offerings.  For complete information and full intinerary, please click below.

We hope that you can join with us and our friends as we once again experience the marvels of traveling in Central Europe this summer!




Dave Motak and Jack Samuels

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